What We Offer

At the Gwinnett Innovation Park, we support entrepreneurs and
their companies though our unique Launch Pad for small and fast
Landing Pad for companies from other parts of the country...or the
world.  Emerging companies at the Gwinnett Innovation Park can
focus on their business development by letting the facility staff
handle infrastructure needs. They can also tap into a network of
experienced technology business leaders. Just click on one of the
following to learn more about the resources available at the
Gwinnett Innovation Park.

Facility - Our 5 building complex with almost 150,000 square feet
offers everything from office space to conference rooms to
furniture and copiers.

Business Help & Contacts - We help with business advice and
access to our extensive "know-how" network of professional

People - Business advisors and facility services staff are key
resources at the Gwinnett Innovation Park.

Infrastructure - On-site immediate access to Internet and VOIP
phone system..

Access to Capital - We can help qualified companies in their
search for early stage capital.
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